The Studio

Suono is the brainchild of Coti K., here is what he has to say about it:
“When I sat down to think about my ideal studio, I made a list of all the things I would like it to be, and also of what to avoid. After having worked for decades in both “conventional” studios and more ad-hoc project spaces, I came to appreciate the relaxedness and directness of home studios and rehearsal spaces, where everyone involved is usually in the same room, with no glass walls impeding the communication between engineer, producer and musicians. I also needed to have natural light, as a dark, artificially lit room, is not my idea of a creative space where I would like to spend too many hours in.

The other important factors were mobility and modularity: in present days, where the whole recording gear could very well sum up to a computer, a sound card, some preamps and a pair of speakers, why should it all be in a fixed spot in the studio, would it not be nicer if it could be able to move around depending on each recording session’s needs? and what about putting everything on wheels, including panels, so the acoustics can be changed as needed? All of these thoughts gave birth to what Suono is.



Neumann TLM 103 / Beyer MC 834 / Aston Origin (x2) / Shure SM-7 / sE Electronics X1-R (x3) / AKG C-1000 (x3) / Electro Voice RE320 / Yamaha SubKick SKRM-100 / Shure SM-57 (x3)

AMS-Neve 1073LB / Chandler Little Devil / Black Lion B12A_MkII / Lindell 6X-500 / Audient ASP 800 8ch / Avalon U5 bass DI

RME fireface 800

Cockos Reaper / Avid Pro Tools / Ableton Live / Apple Logic / Steinberg Cubase – Nuendo

Roland Space echo RE-201

Moog Minimoog Original Model D (1974) / Korg Mono/poly analog synth / Vermona Perfourmer / Arturia Minibrute / Nord Modular / ARP Solina String Ensemble SE-IV / Korg MS-20 Synthesizer / Fender Rhodes 73

Dynaudio BM6A / Blue Sky Sat6 + sub

Vox AC30 / Fender Hot Rod Deluxe / Ampeg SVT classic + Ashdown toneman 210 cabinets (x2)

Chech acoustic Double bass / Guild Acoustic guitar / Chet Atkins nylon electric guitar / Fernandez Revolver classic sustainer guitar / Gibson SG bass / Autoharp / Nykelharpa (traditional Swedish string instrument) / Omnichord OM-84

by Sennheiser / Beyer / Stanton / AKG / Audio-Technica


Coti K

founder – producer – engineer

Coti K. has been active as a composer, musician, engineer and producer since the 80’s and continues relentlessly up to today. He has collaborated on (too) many projects including: Tuxedomoon, Stereo Nova, Yiannis Aggelakas, The Raining Pleasure, Pavlos Pavlidis, Mohammad, The Man from Managra, Yiorgos Lanthimos, Dimitris Papaioannou, Babis Makridis.

Yiannis Damianos

engineer –  produder

Yiannis Damianos does not like texts about himself, he would rather do than say. We like what he does, so its ok!

Kostas Vlahas


Kostas Vlahas is a musician, mostly known for his work with his band Menta. He is also an avid collector of vintage synths and guitars.